Legit Foods to Beat the Monday Blues

Do you feel wretched or hapless at times, as to why Monday acts like a spammer who spams after an interval of time?

Well, I feel you! Monday’s pull after a relaxing weekend often makes us feel bogged down. Anyway we think we’ve to get off the bed and accept the harsh change of pace.

But what after that? We can’t waste 52 new beginnings every year by being downright overwhelmed, isn’t it?


Rest easy guys, I have penned a few things to get you through! So, let’s get started 😉

  • Soulful Time and a Cup of Coffee


Your favourite latte would never ditch you in the times of misery! Hitch yourself to a cup of coffee and enjoy the Monday breeze with open windows. Because. Remember. Coffee loves you boy ❤

  • Tomatotise and not Traumatise

Don’t traumatise yourself with the sloppy blues rather chose to tomatotise your body with juicy and succulent tomatoes. A complex combination of tastes that stimulate the tongue being sweet, sour, and savory all at once, explode in a medley I wish I could call- a balanced harmony!


Tomatoes destroy mood-protecting fats in our brain and this fact has already been put through paces!

  • Grains and Grannies both are mood-boosting ❤

Talk about grannies, they are sheer love! They love you, your soul. Talk about grains, they are sheer energisers! They love your healthy being.


Carbs present in grains promote a release of insulin, a hormone that stimulates mood-boosting serotonin production.

Choosing whole grains over processed carbs helps you to avoid a spike in blood sugar.

Head onto the “Recipe” tab on the top to find out my latest pick for the same ❤

  • Fruits over Fries

Hey! Don’t kill me for this okay?


Fruits are best source of vitamins and minerals which get imbibed in you leaving you refreshed and energetic! So you may ditch fries for a while or so(I can’t do that though)

  • Drinks and Jinks, Oh yes

Your jinks define you as they say, change is the law of nature! So why don’t you switch your drinks you grab every other day with some refreshing and natural flavours?


Aam Panna is one such drink that’ll help you beat the monday blues and the heat, both! Don’t forget to check out it’s recipe in the “Recipe” tab on the top!

  • Celebrate Grubbing

Let’s be a little impromptu now! Save the inner you by giving yourself a treat. How?

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 1.32.05 PM

Don’t make your lunch today! Instead buy it for yourself. Cause food is bae and bae’s at work too. Celebrate guilt-free grubbing 😉


Above all, what matters the most is your perspective and food for the soul! Keep yourself inspired throughout and feed the soul with a cool breeze, sunsets and chocolates!

Have a Happy Monday! ❤



4 Comments Add yours

  1. nlizanora says:

    Coffee would always keep me sane. 🙂 such a nice blog


  2. Great post and beautiful pictures! I’ve recently taken on healthier eating for the sake of feeling more energized and less anxious throughout the day. Your info is definitely helpful. I’ll def have to try your Aam Panna recipe too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brunchbabe says:

      Thanks alot ❤ Well yes you should definitely try that, its amazing 🙂


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