Thirst Quenchers at Upstairs Club, Panchkula(India)

So day 1 at The Grub Fest finally happened!

In summers, attending fests means waiting for evenings to happen. And ofcourse you can’t afford to miss them despite the weather right?

That’s what I did!

But I had my saviour- Thirst Quenchers by The Upstairs Club, cause all you need to do to survive at such fests is- STAY HYDRATED! And if not water, you can opt for various refreshing thirst quenchers by the Upstairs Club, ofcourse!


It is a new cafe and bar to be opened soon at Panchkula, India. And according to my fellow bloggers their food is yummy too.

I tried Elder flower iced tea, the reduction of aromatic elderflower stirred into calming chamomile tea.

Although it tasted more like a lemon ice tea with a little flavour of the flower. I’m waiting for the Cafe to open to try all their thirst quenchers because I absolutely loved this one!

Let me know your experience at The Grub Fest in the comments section below.



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