Haridwar: Har Ki Pauri

It was Monday and I was stuck in finding that responsible adult I had lost on Friday. The one who’d work all day long, and go home with some of it piled up.

Work is important, and so is our character.

But what is most significant?

ANSWER: Taking out time for yourself and discovering the tranquillity, the inner peace.

Hence, I decided that I need to know me better!

It was 6 am already and I still had to pack my bags. Since I knew I will have to walk alot, I carried a few good tshirts, a comfortable pair of jeggings, my card, wallet, shoes and a few kurtas!

Since it was unplanned, I didn’t have any reservations. Hence, I boarded a jampacked train to Haridwar! My lord knows how I was standing all the time for 5 hours but yes, it was an amusing experience.

My next stop was Har Ki Pauri, on the banks of the holy river ganges. Once you step nearby, you feel the divinity in the air. There is happiness everywhere.

I dipped myself in the holy water and felt happy about my decision of coming here.

Soon after that, I found the MOHAN PURI WALE, in Har Ki Pauri’s market. This is one place I’ve been visiting regularly with my parents since childhood. So yes, it couldn’t be missed!

I ordered the famous ALOO PURI, and guess what? It was a delight to my taste buds.

Aloo Puri at Mohan Puri Wale

Next thing which definitely is a must try here:


And hence, my evening meal was sorted!

By the time I satisfied my tummy, Aarti had started. It was jampacked, yet COULDN’T be missed. The aarti would feed your soul. According to me, the best way to connect to the supreme, is closing eyes and whispering hyms! And, with your eyes open, you enjoy such bliss:

Aarti at Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar

It was late already, so I had to rush to the hotel room, pack my bag for the next day and, hit the bed!

Next morning was beautiful. How? See yourself:


5:00 am view at Haridwar

Hence, I started my day 2 on a positive note.

DAY 2 experience is here at: DAY 2: Bliss in Haridwar

Liked my experience? Leave your feedback in the comment section below!

Much love



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