3 Best Picks From Haridwar

Apart from the infamous MOHAN PURI WALE, here are my three best picks from Haridwar:

  1. Chocolate Truffle Pastry from BROWN HUT BAKERS

Because dessert first! Brown Hut Bakers is a small bakery located in Govindpuri, Ranipur more, Haridwar(OPP. pizza hut)


I tried almost all flavours here and this one’s my best pick. For about 70 bucks, you get the authentic Chocolate Truffle in Haridwar.

2. Chef’s special Chilli Paneer at FUN N FOOD RESTAURANT 

Located on the Ranipur More, near the Brown Hut Bakery, this is one place I’d like you to rely on. They serve amazing north and south Indian food and the staff is courteous to a great extent. This place is jam-packed almost all the time. My pick from here is the Chef’s special chilli paneer. They stand out in terms of the preparation and taste.


The Chilli Paneer had pineapples added to it which enhanced the flavour. Also, the cashews and raisins with which it was garnished made it delectable.

3. Choupsey at HOTEL RIO, HARIDWAR

I kinda tried Choupsey at few places and this is my best pick.



So these were the three best picks from my visit to Haridwar. What are yours? 

Let me know in the comment section below!



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