Things to eat in Rishikesh

Hello foodies! Are you planning to visit Rishikesh this weekend?

Rishikesh is one beautiful place, blessed by nature and its tactics! Hence, we all love this place way too much. People visit here for finding themselves(yes I’m one of them), to meditate, to get energised and ofcourse to have fun with friends. 

But there’s something more to this place. Not only the above mentioned interests follow, but also for die-hard foodies, it is a must-visit place! I’ve shortlisted the best foods you could eat in Rishikesh, and trust me they are seriously the best.


Best mornings start with best food and best view! And, being in Rishikesh, what can be the best view according to you? Alongside ganges, right!

Hence, you got to order the Ganga Beach Combo here, which costs 200 bucks and literally would make you happy! How? Because it is all healthy. Also, the portion size is enough for two people.A cup of tea, any seasonal juice, two slices of toast with butter, baked beans along with fruit salad is what you get here for such a nominal price.

Fresh fruit salad
Pineapple juice
Baked beans with toast and butter

I chose pineapple juice cause I personally love it way too much. The juice was fresh and refreshing, without any added flavour. While, the fruits were fresh and the baked beans were well cooked and delectable.

All in all, it was a total healthy breakfast for me.


  • First thing I’d recommend you all while travelling/exploring is STAYING HYDRATED.

Hence, Shikanji has got your back. It is lemon water with crushed ice and soda!

Shikanji, near Laxman Jhula


This was one of the best shikanjis’ I’ve gulped! You’d find this on your way to Ram Jhula from Laxman Jhula. There’s a fruit vendor in its vicinity.(to make it easy for you to locate)

So remember, whenever you’re out, just stay hydrated.

  • Who can go without such snacks? At least I can’t! This Bhelpuri sort of a snack was a pure delight!
Channa zor garam, boiled Channa, green chillies, tomato, coriander and Bhujia

I asked to top it with extra lemon juice and a few more green chillies to sastify my cravings. You can customise it too! Find this just when you cross the Laxman Jhula. And, thank me later.

  • The major is missing till now. You ought to create a fruity tale while travelling. It keeps you healthy, and the vitamins and minerals in it keep you walking for the rest of the day.
Pineapple, named as Rani

I bought four fruits, namely, pineapple, plum, peach and litchi, half kg each. So whenever I suffered from mini-hunger pangs, I knew what I had to do!

Easy to binge on, without guilt, this would enhance your travel and food experience.


My lunch scenes just got sorted when I found my favourite food here! Little Buddha Cafe is a treehouse-style cafe with funky interiors with tables facing the Ganges river.

 They serve Vegan and Vegetarian food with some serious international food interests.

Buddha special pizza

First thing I ordered here was Buddha Special Pizza. Loaded with veggies and cheese with thin crust, it was a total delicious affair for me.

Next I asked for a glass of fresh pineapple juice, without which my meal ain’t complete. Trust me fam, you got to add this to your meal if you haven’t till now. I prominently rely on seasonal juices and not the processed ones.

Fresh pineapple juice

Next most selling dish here that we ordered was the Veg Enchiladas. You can see how tempting they look.

Veg Enchiladas

I added a few more spices to it to make it taste according to my palate. And guess what? It turned out to be a success.

Hence, I had a good vegetarian lunch time.


What’s the best time to have desserts? I’ll tell you, it’s ANY-time. 

So as soon as I was done with my lunch, I went out to fetch a good dessert for me.I landed on to the Pumpernickel German Bakery, Laxman Jhula.

Peanut butter chocolate ball

It was devilishly amazing! Certainly, it was able to feed my inner child who loves peanut butter and chocolate. Hey wait, even if you don’t love peanut butter, this will be your best pick and you’d order one again!

I give you one more choice, eh?

Nutella cookie

Nutella cookie at FRENCH BAKERY, RAM JHULA. This was near to my guest house I was putting up in and hence, while I left for shopping I had to binge on it. Simple, sober cookie filled with Nutella madness. 

Get your desserting right!(Wrong English intentionally) 

5. DINNER- Just keeping it HEALTHY!

So we’ve already gulped in a lot of food till now. And hence, I’ve got some serious and better options for your dinner. 

Just in case you’re too hungry(even after eating this much, oh no that’s not happening) you can go for a Nutella Banana Shake! 

Nutella banana shake

The best ever shake that you’d find is at The LITTLE BUDDHA CAFE. So you may go for it.

Else, if it’s just about having something light, then either go for any fresh seasonal juice or lassi(buttermilk)

Mixed fruit lassi
Fresh watermelon juice

That’s Mixed Fruit Lassi and Watermelon Juice at FRENCH BAKERY AND CAFE, RAM JHULA.

You ought to love the juices here for being organic, fresh and yummy. The lassi was good too, but I’d suggest you to ask them to add your kind of fruits.

That’s for the day lovelies! Enjoy❤️


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