The Crown Patisserie, Chandigarh(India)

Even if your main course feeds you well, there’s always a room for desserts. Cause, desserts go to heart and not to the stomach.

Hence, I jumped off my car with my buddies while crossing through this enticing place. As soon as I entered the place, I stared at the interiors in amazement. Little, yet beautifully done.


I wonder what would my date feel like, dropping here with me for a cup of coffee?

So me and my dear friends dropped by, enjoying the colour scheme of this little place, choosing desserts for our mischievous taste buds.

First thing that we ordered here was the CHOCOLATE CHILLI TART. The chocolate and chilli combination has been giving me chills since a while now. Also, it is their signature creation. Hence, this came up as a good option for us to order.

Chocolate Chilli Tart

The crumbly crust of the tart made me happy to the core. The shiny glaze of the chocolate amazed me as I started digging my fork into it and the truffle-like appearance inside was a treat to my eyes. It was a great attempt indeed. I liked the the unlikely flavour and relished it with the second bite. However, the chocolate wasn’t too dark so as to keep the chilli taste distinguishable.

Next thing that came in was the MINI MOUSSE CAKE. 

Mini Mousse Cake

It looked scrumptious in their amazing cutlery. 
As soon as I had the first bite, it decently melted in my mouth. Although they had used a little more essence in it, but since I had it the same time it was served, it tasted well.
One thing that I’d like to mention here is they do not have much options for people who prefer eggless desserts. That’s maybe they’ve just started, let’s see how it unfolds in future. It is a little overpriced, yet if the quality remains, this could be ignored too. 

Rest, the plethora of thoughts is literally bombarding in my mind as to how cute it would be to come here with your special someone and get good pictures clicked! 😉

Thank you for making it beautiful.

Kudos team, Good luck!


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