Gourmet Nine, Zirakpur(India)

In this time of versatility in terms of food and cuisines, across the world, there is still a corner in our hearts for Indian Food.

Gourmet Nine is one such fine dining place which offers delicacies of the Indian Cuisine with a different take. 

Hence, I sorted my lunch scenes by visiting here. 

To start with, first thing we ordered here was KURKURE PALAK KI CHAT which is one of their blockbusters, and KOKUM COOLER which is a definite favourite to me. 

The palak chat was crispy and definitely the best in the tricity. I loved the tamarind flavour which wasn’t much prominent and wasn’t much low. 

Kurkure palak ki chat

A perfect blend of flavours is what appeases me. Hence, a thumbs up to this.

Kokum cooler
Coming up to the Kokum Cooler, it was refreshing and the flavour could be relished. Although, it wasn’t the authentic Kokum but I can manage with that happily. 

Starters are not always enough! So I couldn’t settle with one and hence my taste buds called for some more. Next that came up to our table were CORN AND WATERCHESTNUT DIMSUMS along with SPINACH AND CHEESE DIMSUMS.

Corn and waterchestnut dimsums

Spinach and cheese dimsums

These were a sheer delight to have. The waterchestnut dimsums which we generally call as SINGHARA in Hindi were unique and would suit not many palates. I loved those though. However, the spinach and cheese dimsums were loved by all including me. The best part was, these were authentic dimsums and gave literal Hongkong feels. A little sticky, yet firm and soft, they definitely reminded me of the time I had dimsums in China. 
We had to start with the main course now and one of my friends wanted some more starters(we are all foodies so this is usual affair). Hence we stopped at LOTUS STEM CHILLI PLUM as our starter, and LEMON AND CORIANDER SOUP to start with. 

The chilli lotus stem chips were just fine. I was expecting a little more crispy ones. Also, I was done with the starters by then, so didn’t try many of them.

But the soup was a hit! The lemon and coriander flavour with perfect blend of spices served as a good appetiser to me. Also, the picture below is amazing(clicked by a photographer friend who’s page’s link is below for your reference). 😄

Lemon and coriander soup

We devoted almost an hour onto starters with the best people around and too cute gossip sessions. Now it was time for maincourse. 

We ordered LASOONI METHI PALAK, GOURMENT NINE’S SPECIAL DAL and ULLITYIYAL with MALABARI PARANTHA. Just have a look at our main course spread. The third dish from right was a non vegetarian delight, I don’t remember it’s name but my friends liked it.(Oh you know I’m a vegetarian)

Starting off with the DAL, I found it just fine. The flavours were done well, yet there was something still missing(according to me) Although they have it as a blockbuster dish and one of my friends is ready to DIE FOR IT. So, yes you should give it a shot!

Coming to my favourites now!

ULLITYIYAL is a major hit straight from KERALA. It’s basically shallots cooked with dry red chillies and tamarind. It was cooked to perfection and MALABARI PARANTHA complemented with it. 

LASOONI METHI PALAK is again one of my favourites, and is surely a blockbuster. 

The garlic flavour in it was scrumptious and I’m surely recommending this to you guys(along with Malabari Parantha). 

While I was having the food, I had an urge to drink something. So the waiter recommended their launched drink named as: GABHRU.

Gabhru mocktail

Super classy and amazing to have. I relished the guava flavour with the gabhru which is again a fruit beer in high demand all over the tricity nowadays. 

You must thinking I eat a lot right? I am thinking the same right now, while writing. Didn’t realise it while eating 😛.

Finally, we were happy with the food we had. Hey wait, it doesn’t end here. There’s still a room for DESSERT.

So we ordered their chic take on dumplings, the HEAVENLY DUMPLINGS.

Heavenly dumplings

The dumplings were certainly, heavenly with the outer covered by coconut shreds and the inner filled with white chocolate. Though that tasted like milkmaid, but I was happy with it.

So, now you have a detailed idea of what to order here the next time you go for a lunch date with your fam❤️
Much love,

Ashmita Ahuja

Photography credits: Atyant Yadav


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