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Chandigarh has been in a real buzz of food, fashion and lifestyle festivals. One such notable experience that I had was at LaFeria, held at Leisure Valley, Sector 10 the last time. The stall and the person that goes in my books of honour is the SAANA brand, which certainly gave me chills with its collection and the inside story.

To start with, the glimpse that caught my fancy to go and spend my time and money here was the DIOs that Sapnaa (the lady behind the initiative) had displayed. Especially the handmade candles and frames. There were activities for children, which ought to sort my sibling’s evening because she is still 8 years old.

I bought fancy candles, a stone art and a frame for myself which was nothing but a piece of perfection which a person like me who loves home décor would definitely buy.

While in conversation with the face of this brand, I got to know how she followed her passion, being an army man’s wife(a pride in its own) which leads to transfers at various place off course. A B-School graduate, a wife and a mother who does what she loves with full support of her family is someone who can become a role model for you and who is mine, already!

SAANA is a girls brand, named on Sapnaa’s daughter which covers clothing, accessories and stuff like that with all the products made from scratch. There are many online brands for men and women in India yet I’m sure no home grown brand for girls (which operates from facebook and instagram) is available right now at such economical prices.

I believe I’ll be getting stuff for my little sibling from them very soon and would surely share a review about that too!

Click here to view their collection.

And here to get your hands onto amazing home decor.

Follow them On Instagram by clicking here.

Much Love!


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  1. Deepmala says:

    Well said….SAANA , just love her and off course the person behind it..


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